Business Startup

Starting a business can be very complex, especially if you operate in multiple jurisdictions. The decisions you make early on may have longterm effects.

Choosing the right name for your business, products and services is cruical to create the right image and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

How we can help:

We provide strategic advice to international business founders in a broad range of industries. Our international business and product name clearance searches will help you build a strong foundation for your enterprise.

Business planning:

  • Analysis of business concepts
  • Business and product name availability searches
  • Business name registration
  • Trade mark and product design registration in over 170 jurisdictions
  • Web domain registration
  • Strategy business advice and planning

Business support:

  • Trade mark and design portfolio administration
  • Web domain disputes
  • Business restructuring assistance
  • Business rebranding assistance
  • Business negotiations and contracts – e.g. for transactions and licensing

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